Facebook Marketing Strategy for Business 2019


Facebook Advertising is used to drive traffic to your website and helps to increase your site reach around the Globe. We can either redirect them to our website home page or to the dedicated Landing page and had them potentially buy your product, Submit their details or sign up for Newsletters. Facebook is a place where you can find potential customers for your Business. It has over 2.26 Billion active users where you can target your specific audiences with interests related to your products and services. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms which allows user to stay connected with Family and friends.

You have to set up a Facebook business page from your personal Facebook account to create brand awareness for your products and services. Click here to learn How to create Facebook Page for your Business.

Types of Ad’s we can do to attract our Customers

  1. Image Ads are used to showcase our Products and services with a high quality image to draw attention to check out whole products and services through our website.
  2. Video Ads can be used to show your product features. It makes the audience to spend some more time as it has motion and sound. People find it interesting and engage better.
  3. Collection can be used to save images and videos of all products and services like a catalogue. It will display products according to their requirements.
  4. Carousel is one of the most successful ad formats. It let you show up to 10 images or videos, headlines and links, or calls to action in a single ad unit. It is extremely useful for E-Commerce advertisers looking to promote multiple products and services for their store.
  5. Event Ads is a great way to organize an event to attract more customers. You can use this type of ad to boost the reach of the event by targeting the customers.
  6. Offer Ads are used to attract customers straight to your store. Once the customer click on your ad and redeems the offer will receive an email containing the details and terms of use.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

  1. You can be found by the existing and new customers.
  2. You can use Facebook Ads to target people by age, interests, behavior, gender and location.
  3. You can measure Facebook marketing results by page insights and by installing the Facebook Pixel code to your website.
  4. It increases traffic to your websites and/or blogs.
  5. It increases SEO ranking of your websites.

According to the recent survey the Facebook has reached and engaged with high number of users all around the world.



And the time they spend on Facebook compared to other social networks are shown in the image below



How to successfully develop your Business using Facebook?

 Facebook Ads come in handy and offers a lot of opportunities to reach and find new customers. It helps in creating brand awareness to targeted country, people or whatever you want to target and even convert them into leads. Using Facebook Ads has become the most common method to attract the potential customers. It helps in

  1. Build awareness
  2. Get your post seen by a lot of people near and around you.
  3. Increases engagement
  4. Drive a lot of traffic.
  5. Increase in sales.

Facebook has done a lot of effort towards developing the tools and resources you can use to market and advertise your business. If done correctly you can successfully achieve the return on investment and it will be your primary platform to search for customers for all your businesses.

Here are the few things to reduce the efforts and increase your success

Understand your Niche

As your business grows, you will be able to understand what kind of people are interested towards your products and services, the kind of posts they engage more frequently, which ads drives more traffic, and all other pieces of information to improve your sales. As you learn more about your niche, you can maximize your marketing efforts.

Market specifically to your regular customers

Always create a campaign with special offers and promotional to your regular customers which keeps a constant growth in your business.

Communicate with Customers

The success of any business depends on how they interact and communicate with the customers. Always maintain a communication with customers who comment on your posts or send messages to your inbox.

Join Facebook Groups

Another method of engaging with new Facebook users who may not know about your business is by joining the Facebook groups relevant to your business where you can share posts and attract new customers.

Make Use Facebook ADS to reach a lot of customers. This is the basic Facebook marketing strategy for business.


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