How Do I Get My Website On The First Page Of Google

How Do I Get My Website On The First Page Of Google

This Article is about How to get your Website on the First page of Google. The way Google and other search engines works is they have bots that crawls websites all over the Internet, take snapshots of each page, and file them away in a database. Google then reads every word and other content on a web page in order to determine the specific subject of the page. With these collected data Google determines which web pages to display for a particular keyword search.

Google’s algorithm dynamically determines which web page on the Internet is the most relevant for a specific key word or key phrase and displays it first, and then displays the second most relevant page and so on. The list of web pages displayed for a keyword is known as a Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

You may have seen the SERP after a Keyword search:

  • Paid Ads at top and at the end of the results shown for a keyword search
  • Then comes the local map result, if the person is searching for nearby services
  • After the local map display comes organic search results (non-paid) shows a list of web pages that are relevant to the keyword used to conduct the search

How Do I Get My Site On Google?

You need to make sure your website has been indexed by Google. To find out type

Site: ( Replace the to your website domain address) into the Google search box, if you see a listing of your website pages, then Google has already indexed your site and will continue to visit it occasionally to check for updates. If your website is not listed, then create Google search console account for your business using Google Search console. It will take 1 or 2 weeks for Google to visit and index your website or some time it may index within hours.

There are two ways to get your website to show up on the first page of Google:

  1. You can pay to be on the first page of Google using Google Ads.
  2. You can make your website to rank “organically” without having to pay for ads.

Google Ads

The easiest and quickest way to get on first page of Google for a particular keyword is to pay for an advertisement. Login to your Google Ads account choose the keywords you would like to target, then “bid” on how much you would like to pay every time your ad is clicked. This is called “pay-per-click”. The higher you bid per click, the higher your ad will appear to the top of the page.

You can also set a daily budget for your Ads. Google will not show your ad any more that day so it won’t be clicked on and charged. For most industries, this is a cheap and easy way to show up on the first page of Google.

Steps to get your website on first page of Google Organically

These are the results that show up below the ads and local map section on search engine result pages. These results are achieved by long-term optimization of many factors that Google uses for ranking. The practice of optimizing your web presence so that it shows up organically on Google first page is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Some of the most important factors that influence your Google ranking are:

  • Quality and Length of Your Page Content – Your website pages should contain unique and useful information that will benefit your ideal customer or client. The longer the better, as long as it is in high quality. Strive to help your target customers by creating quality content that they will want to consume.
  • Quality and Number of Inbound Links – If other sites are linking to yours, especially high page rank and domain rank sites that have content relating to yours, and then Google will rank your site higher.
  • Mobile Friendly Website – Over 60% of people are now using mobile phones to search for information on the web. Your website should be optimized for mobile devices and easy to navigate so users on any device can find what they need quickly and easily.
  • Page Speed – Your website should load fast on all display devices. People hate slow loading web pages and it could negatively affect your ranking on Google.
  • Keywords in Page Content – Don’t overdo keyword stuffing in your website. Select a particular keyword for particular page which you want the Google to display for a keyword search. Optimize your page for that keyword on title, description, url, H1 tag and on the content of the page.
  • Secure Pages – Your web pages should load via https:// instead of http://, so that they are secure. Google, and regular humans, like to see secure pages, even if you are not processing credit cards or obtaining personal information. Google is now labeling all pages that load without a SSL certificate as Not Secure. So get an SSL installed by your web hosting company so that all your pages load securely.
  • URL Structure – Your website URL structure should be short which should be easy to remember for your audience.

Few Other Things to Rank on Google Page 1

Google My Business
Create Google My Business account and post your business details. While people searching for local services your business will appear on local map on Google result pages with your Business photos, address with address and reviews people give for your business

Start a Blog
Writing a Blog with unique content related to your service may increase the reach of visitors looking for your service. Always keep in mind write a content which can be easily understood by your customers. You can also write blogs on general topics where people show some common interest.

Create Citations
Citation means listing your business on a local directory site. Submit your business on local classified and directory submission sites; make sure your business listing shows up there with accurate information. This helps create a back link profile for your domain name and will send signals to Google that the information they find on your site can be trusted because it is found on other sites around the web.

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