How to Add Google Search Console property for your Website


Learn how to add Google search console property for your website through this article. It was previously known as Google Webmaster Tools, this free resource from Google shows you how the search engine bots crawls and indexes websites, and then how they appear in search results.

This tool also helps you monitor, maintain, and improve your ranking in those search results. It gives deeper insights about your website. You can also add sitemap and structured data through this tool.

Steps to Setup Google Search console for your Website.

  1. Create a Gmail account separately for your business.
  2. Click here to go to Search console page and click Start now, It will redirect to the Google Sign in page.
  3. Enter the Google Email ID and password which you created separately for your business.
  4. Now it will ask you to submit your website URL, Enter the URL of the website for which you want to create the property and click ADD PROPERTY like shown in the image below.
  5. Then it goes for the verification step where you have to download the HTML document file like shown below and upload it on your website root folder.
  6. Once you uploaded the HTML file in your website root folder, return to search console property and click the verify button like shown in the above image to verify your owner ship.
  7. If the verification process is success, then you can start collecting Data’s about your website. It is the one way of adding search console property.
  8. Another way to add Search console for your website is uploading an HTML file directly in your website in the <head> section like shown in the image below.
  9. Copy the Meta tag code and paste it in your website home page section inside the <head> section right before the <body> tag starts.
  10. Again return to Google search console property and click the verify button to verify the ownership of the website.
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