How to create a Facebook Page for Business


This article is about How to create Facebook page for Business. Create a personal Facebook account using Gmail or Yahoo email ID. Once the personal account is created you are allowed to create a Facebook page for your business. On the Left bottom on menu bar there will be a button to create Ad, Page, Group and event like the image shown below.


Click create Page button to create a Facebook page for your business. After clicking the page button it will appear as the image below


If you want to create a Facebook page for business click Business/Brand, else if you are creating a page for community or celebrity page click on the Community/public figure.

Once you clicked create Business page you will be asking to submit details like your page name and category


Enter your Business name as page name and there will be a list of categories in which you can choose related to your business. Once these details are gives a Facebook page is created for your business.

Now you will be asked to submit a profile picture and cover photo. Be careful while choosing a profile picture and cover photo, it should be related to your business and attracts a lot of customers.

The size of the profile picture should be 180px*180px and the size of the cover photo should be 820px * 312px. You can even upload a 20 to 90 seconds video as cover video if the quality of the video is better.

On the left side of the page there will list of menu, click About link to make changes in your business page.

Below the cover photo comes the important matter of fact which makes customers to interact with you, A CTA button (Call to Action button). There are five categories of CTA button available

  1. Make a booking with you
  2. Contact You
  3. Learn more about your business
  4. Shop with you or make a donation
  5. Download your App or play your game.

In these categories you can choose which will be more useful for your customer interactions.

The most used CTA button is Contact You, in this there are five categories

  1. Contact Us – you can redirect customers to your website by giving your company link.
  2. Sign Up – You can redirect to your website or some events.
  3. Send Message – It is used to send text message through messenger
  4. Send Email – It is used to send Email to us
  5. Call now- Used to make a call to us.

There will be two CTA buttons below the cover photo one is Send Message which is default and another one we can choose and place it.

How to Edit the Page Info?

There is an Edit page info link which comes below the CTA button. You can insert or edit details about your page like a small Description about your company, contact details, Location and working hours of your company.

In this Section you can enter details about your company


  1. About Us – You can give a short description about your company with 155 characters
  2. Category – You can choose a category which is related to your business
  3. Impressum – Impressum is a Latin word which is a fancy way of saying about Us with 2000 characters – a brief description.


  1. Phone Number – Enter Company phone number
  2. Website – Enter your company website address (for ex
  3. Email – Enter your company email address


Address – Enter your company street address and tick the checkbox for the map to enable like shown below



Choose the working hours of your company and enter it.

Now you have completed almost the page settings. The last one is to enable the menu tabs which is on the left side of the page like given below


For enabling or removing tabs goto settings like shown below


Once you entered the settings you will be able to see a list of menus, in that select Templates and Tabs and you will be able to see an option like below


Here you can add Tab or remove tab which you want the customers to see first. You can also change the order of the tabs by click and drag the tab to next or before position.

Now your Business page has been set you can start posting images and videos related to your business or kind of images which attracts the users. Always post your images and videos in your Business page not in your personal account.

Start posting the videos and images and increase the traffic to your Business. You can also learn about the Latest Facebook updates 2018 through this link.

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