How to create Google Analytics Account for your Business


The article is about how to create a new Google analytics account to see how the users interact with your website, like how many people are visiting the site each and every day? What topics are they searching for once they arrive? And how much time are they spending in your website? Google Analytics can be the solutions to all these questions and many more with the installation of a simple code in your website.

Google Analytics can provide seemingly endless source of data and insight about your website. In this article, we guide you on creating a Google Analytics account, adding the code to your site, testing the installation and sharing access to the team members.

Creating Your Google Analytics Account

Create a separate Google Gmail account for all your businesses. Don’t use your personal account. Click here to Create a new Gmail account for your business. Once you created a separate account, search for Google analytics in search engines.


Click here on Google Analytics link to reach the Google analytics page. Enter the Email-Id and the password for which you used to create a separate Gmail account for your business. Once you given details you will be redirected to the page shown below.


Click the sign up button to go for the next step.


Here it will ask whether to track a website or a Mobile App.  Click either one of the option which you want to track for your business. In the Account Name type your company name. You can add multiple website to this account name in future.

In the Website Name type your website name which you want to track at present.

In the Website URL type the URL of the website, along with proper domain name. There is also a dropdown box to select either http:// or https:// version for your website.


After typing the Website URL, there is an option Industry Category to select your Business category. You can choose an option which relates to your niche.

In the Reporting Time Zone you can choose your Country and an exact time zone.

In the Data Sharing Settings all option are recommended by Google. Mark all the check box like shown below.


How to add a Google Analytics tracking code to your Website

Log into your hosting server and access your site’s HTML code. The script must be placed at the top of your website page, immediately before the </head> tag that appears on each page you want to track. As I mentioned earlier, some CMS (wordpress, Zoomla etc) have a separate section where you can easily add either your tracking code or tracking ID. Make sure you look into your CMSs setup to ensure proper installation.

How to Verify the Traffic

Once the Code is placed on the website, you have to make sure the code tracks your website properly. Open your website in the new browser window, then go to the analytics and then click the Real-time on the Side menu and then click the overview like shown in the image below.


If the tracking code works perfect it will show the no: of users currently on your website.

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