How to use LinkedIn Marketing for Business


This Article is about How to use LinkedIn Marketing for your Business. LinkedIn is the leading social network for marketers and business professionals. With added features LinkedIn is the best tool for B2B traffic, lead generation and a place for new career opportunities. It is all about building your connections and networks. You can grow your network even from your friend’s. Once the personal profile and business page settings are completed, you will receive twice as many visitors. And by making post regularly in your business page will gain followers six times faster.

How to Set your LinkedIn Business Profile

The first step in creating and optimizing an effective LinkedIn Business profile is by adding the basic information with proper keywords. First you have to create a personal LinkedIn Profile. Before you get into building an impressive portfolio you need to let people know who you are and in which platform you are specialized. Setting up a proper Linked Company Page helps Connections and network to learn about your business, your brand, and job opportunities with your company. LinkedIn marketing network is the perfect place to drive business results, raise brand awareness, and educate potential customers on your products and services.

Steps to create Successful LinkedIn Business Page

First you need to set a personal profile on LinkedIn before setting up a LinkedIn page for your business. It includes

  1. Profile Optimization
  2. Building Network

Profile Optimization

You need to set a LinkedIn profile with proper keywords and good description. The 25% important thing in LinkedIn Marketing strategy is Profile Optimization. LinkedIn, the only social network allows you to enter a summary of your professional experience and expertise. You have a section to describe yourself to a prospective employer, partner, customer, or connection. From a professional standpoint, think what would you say to someone in person about who you are and what you do?

Next you need to provide details in experience, education and skills & endorsements.

After entering the details click the Work category on the top right corner of your page to create Company page like shown in the image below.


Once clicked it will redirect you to a create page section like shown below


Select a business category related to your niche.  Then enter the details for Name, Customized URL for your LinkedIn Business page and website of the company should be entered.


Select the type of industry from the option given, no of employees and the type of company.



LinkedIn is a professional social network, so you can set the company logo as your profile picture. Use a square logo sized to 300 x 300 pixels for profile picture. Enter all the details and publish the page.

Choose a clear cover image to capture the feel of your business. The image should be 1536 x 768 pixels.

You have 2,000 characters to describe about your company. Be focused and explain the structure of your company with the keywords related.

The first 156 characters are especially important, as they would appear in the Google search engine result pages for your company page.

Underneath your company description, you can add up to 20 Keyword with rich content. These act as tags that will help people find your business on LinkedIn. Make sure your company’s products, services, and strengths are well represented here.

Building Network

The Major part in LinkedIn marketing is building network and your daily activities. Once you have set up your professional profile, you will want to start building your network by connecting with others. You can connect with people whom you already know on LinkedIn using your email contacts.

You can also search for the people you may know to find more connections based on the people in your network.

Once you have filtered the list of people in LinkedIn you know, you can branch out to others. Always be careful about to whom you send connect invitations to, LinkedIn encourages to only connect with people you really know. If you receive spam flags from sending invitations to people you don’t know LinkedIn will suspend your ability to connect with others.

In LinkedIn, you will see different type of people that shows how you connect with them. First degree connections are those people added from your network. Second degree connections are people to whom our first degree people connected to. Third degree connections are people, those who are connected to second degree connections.

The other way to connect with is through groups. When you belong to the same group as someone you want to connect with, you can send a note in your connection request that you share similar interests and belong to the same group so they could recognize it and that it’s not just a spam request.

It’s best if you have engaged with them a little first within the group and then send a custom message letting them know that you like their posts and want to connect.

You can also search for new people to connect with in the groups, by looking through active discussions. Join new group related to your niche and then connect with them.


  1. Write a compelling summary. If someone takes the time to scroll down to your description, they have already shown an interest in your company.
  2. Use relevant niche keywords to make your page easier to discover in search engines
  3. Make sure your most important product or service is listed first
  4. Add career information and opportunities. LinkedIn is a phenomenal recruiting tool that should be used to its fullest potential
  5. Ask for product and service reviews or testimonials. Sharing these testimonials can gain a strong sense of trust among potential visitors
  6. Use targeted updates to promote new and important content effectively
  7. Include a description of between 250 and 2000 characters including spaces and a company website URL
  8. Adding a location makes your company and jobs more discoverable on LinkedIn


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