How to use Pinterest for Business Marketing

How to use Pinterest for Business Marketing

Businesses and brands are using social media to market their products and services. Facebook and Twitter are not the only best tools for selling online. There are other Social media tools to use such as Pinterest. This is the article about How to use Pinterest for business Marketing.

How to set up Pinterest for Business

Create a Pinterest personal account with your email id. Set up the personal profile and from there continue to set up the Pinterest business profile. Enter the business name, Select the business category and enter the URL of your website. Add a Profile picture, write the description with keywords related to your niche, include your website URL and also link with Twitter and Facebook. Once the personal profile and Pinterest business page settings are completed you will get more traffic to your website.

Understand about pins and boards. The content you share is referred as Pins. Boards are created to organize the pins. Before start pinning, boards are needed to be created. For creating the Pinterest board, go to profile and click on the Create board Button that appears in red on the top left corner. Name the board related to your business and enter the description upto 500 characters with keywords, and select a category. Set the board to secret so that only you can use it. Add contributors to share ideas related to our interest. Click Create and the board is created, and you can now add pins to the board. You can upload the pin by entering the board and click the add pin button. You can upload pins and add a proper description (200- 300 characters) with related keywords and the company website address. Pins can be attached from mobile apps also. Open the Pinterest app and click the plus button, Photos from the mobile phone can add to Pinterest. The pins must include an image or video. Re-pinning is the process of adding the pins from other Pinterest board to your board. Search through the home feed to find a relevant pin to your business.

  1. Target your audience

Pinterest has over 250 million active users, making it one of the most popular social media platforms. It has both male and female members, and the age ranges from teenagers to elders. In Pinterest, you can find people with various interests. To reach a bigger audience, you need to find who your customers are and what do they like? Target your audience by searching for pins and boards related to your business on Pinterest.

  1. Optimize your content

Pinterest is a search engine, so you should optimize all of your content to generate more repins and get link back through to your website. Search for keywords on Pinterest search bar, and use the same keywords on your Board description, pin description, and post title. Use these keywords inside the image as well, where ever it is possible. 

  1. Join group boards

Find group boards on your niche, send them a request to join boards, start repining content from these boards, and once approved, start pinning on these group boards.  This will give you more visibility and is going to generate a lot of traffic to your website.

  1. Promote your social media presence

Promote your Pinterest profile on your other social media accounts, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for a lot of engagements.

  1. Adding Rich Pins

Rich pins are available only for business accounts. You can add a long description and show it fully when you have business account, it can’t be done from your personal account. You can also add a price amount to the product. You can add a call to action button link in description.

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