Latest Updates in Facebook 2019


Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Facebook algorithm will prioritize meaningful interactions from friends, family and groups over content from brands. It means you will see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media. So the public content you often see more will be on the same standard, it should encourage meaningful interactions between people. He said he had a responsibility to make sure the Facebook services aren’t just for fun to use, but also good for people’s well-being, as justification for the change, So now the people who runs businesses will have to work harder than ever to gain their customers attention on the platform.

Recent Changes they made in Facebook

  1. 3D Photos

Soon the users can view and share 3D images in their news feed, already they brought a new change like 360-degree photo which you can set as your cover photo also.

  1. Local News

The local business with the trusted source are often comes in the news feed. If you follow a local news page or if a friend or family members shares a local news story, you will get to see that post more on your News Feed.

  1. News from trusted Resources

Facebook aimed to create more meaningful experiences on the News Feed, this new update seeks to provide news stories in your timeline that only come from trusted sources. Facebook made survey with users to determine which news outlets are most respected and trusted. Pages that have been deemed trustworthy from these surveys may see an increase in distribution, while Pages that were not voted as trustworthy will likely see a drop in distribution and audience reach.

  1. Meaningful Interactions

Facebook promotes content either from a single user or from a business post only if they have good interactions. Facebook focusing on helping you find relevant content which have more meaningful social interactions. It may affect the businesses that had no interactions with the users. They may not appear in news feed. Facebook is concerned about providing good quality content to users which has a lot of user interactions.

Facebook Snooze option

A New feature in Facebook has been introduced which allows users to hide certain posts; it means the posts either from a single user or from a group won’t appear on your timeline. There are certain option Facebook allows us to choose. If you receive an unwanted posts or the post that you may not interested you can snooze or hide the post permanently. At the top right corner of any posts there is a post edit option (three dot icon), once you click that you may see an image like given below.


In this option you can able to see a snooze Abhishek for 30 days if you click that you will not get any notification from that person for 30 days. Below there is an option to hide all from Abhishek, if you click that you will not get to see any post from him on your timeline.

The same snooze option can be done for any groups you joined. Like the same click the post edit option (three dot icon) at top right corner of any post a user has posted in that group, you can see am image like given below


You can snooze that group for 30 days or unfollow that group permanently.

Group Insights

Admins can now track the group activities by new tracking feature. It is similar like Facebook pixel. To track our website we have to copy that code and place it on our source file, but here it is in-built. Using this feature you can track you group members activity if you have more than 250 members in your group. Groups are importance and in popularity on Facebook as community building. Plenty of businesses have their own groups to build relationships within and help their customers.

These pixels help in track their groups and see information on user growth, in-group activity, and engagement with their websites.


Steps to get Organic reach as per Facebook Updates

  1. Comment

Facebook business page will have low reach if their posts were not interacted with any kind of users, and it will have a small reach if only their friends commented or reacted to their posts. It means we should have quality content in the posts with relevant images which attracts any kind of users. Interact with users with some kind of questions and make them comment and react to the posts.

  1. Reactions

If the customer reacts to the posts by hitting a like or love button then it gives a slight boost to our posts to reach customers in their friend lists.

  1. Comment Replies

Getting comments in our posts from the users is alone not enough; we have to reply back in time with proper answer that should satisfy him.

  1. Sending Links through Messenger

Sharing a link in Facebook news feed reach some of our friend but not everyone for sure. But sending an article link or our business website link will reach him for sure. Send the link in messenger to a friend or in a group will reach everyone.

  1. Engagements on Shares

When sharing a post is a pretty active interaction compared to most, Facebook is going one step further. Simply getting shares is not enough. Your post must be shared and get engaged on that share to be prioritized for the algorithm.

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